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Bought your bike online or from another shop? Was it properly fitted to you by trained staff ? If not, we can help.

Using our fitting system (by FIT KIT) we will take all of the proper measurements, and using this information we will set up you bike for maximum performance, efficiency, and comfort. Bicycle Refit cost $69.95 (Plus parts if needed)



The RAD System is coming December 1st - Rotational Adjustment DeviceComing December 1st to Emig's Bicycle Shop the RAD (supplied by the pros at FIT KIT), will be available to adjust your cleats.Maximize your performance and efficiency by having your cleats properly adjusted. Please call for more information or to schedule an appointment.
Rotational cleat adjustment $69.95


Combine your fitting and cleat adjustment in one session for $124.95

NOTE: A correct bicycle fit is required before cleats can be adjusted properly.

Any worn cleats must be replaced to insure and accurate adjustment.

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